Northern Lights Firearms Training, Inc. Training's permit to carry course includes all of the basic safety and proper shooting fundamentals that a person needs to know to safely carry a firearm. The class session typically runs three hours depending on session size, plus live firing at a shooting range NOTE: Additional $20 range fee due at the time of the class paid to the range directly. This will include teacher instructions and live firing at a shooting range. This class meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.


This class is for experienced shooters only who want to obtain their permit for the first time or to renew their permits. This course is designed for intermediate and advanced gun owners; although there are no prerequisites for taking this course, there is an expectation that the student has experience with their own handgun. After the course instruction, there will be a live fire 50 round exercise at a target approximately 15, 30 and 50 feet away.


  • Basic Safety principles
  • Proper shooting fundamentals
  • Ethics
  • Home defense
  • Physiological & emotional effects of a lethal conflict
  • Defensive gun use
  • The threat and use of lethal force
  • Police encounters
  • Aftermath of a shooting
  • The permit itself and how to obtain it
  • Prohibited vs. banned from carry
  • Live fire exercise


  • Handgun of any caliber
  • 1 box of ammunition containing at least 50 rounds
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Valid I.D.
  • Receipt from online payment
  • $20 range fee - Cash or CC accepted